Young Paris: Elevating Congo's Rich Musical Tradition Globally

If you like hip-hop and you haven’t heard of Young Paris, you will soon. Born to Congolese parents in France, Young Paris now lives in New York where he records and performs under Jay-Z’s ROCNATION label. He’s been lauded for his ability to meld traditional Afro-Congolese music with modern hip-hop.

In our view, Young Paris is another incredible example of the talent possessed by so many Congolese youth, including footballer Romelo Lukaku and NBA player Bismack Biyombo - not to mention the thousands of youth who participate in CLI’s Leadership Institute. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this talent and the potential for even more Congolese visibility on the world stage!

Check out Young Paris below:

“Best of Me”

Nathaniel Houghton