DRC's Elections: What comes next?

As a leadership organization operating exclusively in the DR Congo, CLI monitored with great interest this past week’s presidential elections in the DRC. On Sunday, (most of) the DR Congo’s citizens went to the polls. There were tremendous challenges across the country including heavy rain, malfunctioning voting machines, and reports of voter intimidation. For the past several days, Internet and SMS service has been cut by the government, ostensibly to prevent the spread of illegitimate results. This motive is questionable at best.

In all likelihood, the ruling party’s chosen successor will be anointed as the DRC’s new President despite the fact that polls taken prior to the election showed both major opposition candidates enjoying a comfortable lead. There are, of course, two sides to every story - and CLI is not a political organization. Regardless, it is fair to say that the DRC elections were far from a rousing success. Much work remains to be done.

Further, there is massive risk of violence if the expected occurs. Our concern is for the innocent Congolese citizens who could literally be caught in the crossfire.

Even we admit that, on the face of it, this situation seems bleak. We choose to focus on the thousands of talented youth we know are present in the Congo, fighting every day for a better future. Further, we are even more convinced of the importance of our work training the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs in the DR Congo. We are not the only ones hoping and working for a peaceful and prosperous future in the DRC.

Please join us in thinking of and praying for the DRC. Regardless of who is declared the winner of the election, we reaffirm our commitment to investing in the Congo’s talented youth who will surely bring about a peaceful and prosperous future!

Nathaniel Houghton