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Despite civil war, corruption, and violence against women, the Congo's future is bright! We know this because we educate, train, and invest in the young leaders who are building this future.


CLI: A Proven Catalyst for Change



of Congolese people are unemployed



enterprises founded by
CLI young leaders



of Congolese youth are not enrolled in secondary school



hours of training for each of CLI’s Young Leaders



of Congolese girls are married by age 18



of CLI’s young leaders are girls who are focused on their education, and improving their communities



DR Congo’s ranking in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index



graduates of CLI's ethical leadership training curriculum


CLI Alumni go on to do great things!


University scholarships

The majority of CLI young leaders attend university. In fact, CLI young leaders have earned nearly 20 scholarships to top Congolese and international universities. This includes one alum with a full scholarship to Pitzer College in California and multiple Mastercard Foundation Scholars.

As a country, the Congo only graduates roughly 10,000 students from universities every year, so to even attend one is a tremendous accomplishment. The fact that CLI’s young leaders have done so with such regularity - and at the world’s leading universities - speaks to the broad impact of our leadership training curriculum on their lives.

Professional Success

After completing our program, young leaders from CLI have been elected to Congolese provincial assembly, founded law firms, started major enterprises, and created child psychology practices - just to name a few achievements.

In a country where official unemployment hovers near 50% (and measures of underemployment top 85%), the professional success of CLI alumni is notable. Most CLI graduates attribute their success to the “soft skills” training that they received from CLI - training that would have been impossible for them to access otherwise.



YALI Fellowship

CLI has produced three Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellows since the program began in 2014. Given that the YALI program is designed for leaders who are somewhat older than the participants in CLI’s Leadership Institute, we expect this number to continue to rise in the future.

While we judge our success on the basis of impact that CLI has on the lives of young leaders, their families, and communities, we consider our success in connecting graduates to programs such as YALI to be an indicator that our training is in line with best practices of leadership experts globally.


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