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Meghann Beer

Nonprofit Consultant, DeVine Consulting

Efrem Bycer

Past Chair
Vice President, Momentum LLC

Peter Crumlish

Executive Director,
Dwight Hall at Yale

Paul Damiano

President, Good Works

Margot Hoerrner

Strategic Program Executive: Organizational and Leadership Development, International Baccalaureate

Corey Jannicelli

Program Manager, Exponent

Murutamanga Kabahita

Intermediate School French Teacher, The Potomac School

Jason Lustig

Research Analyst, J. Goldman & Co., L.P.

Zain Pasha

Product Manager, Sporting Innovations

CLI Congo Advisory Council

Emmanuel Baraka

CLI Partnership Manager

Kabeya Kanyonga

Finance Professional

Robert Kumkum

CLI Partnership Manager

Washikala Malango

CLI Partnership Manager

Iongwa Mashangao

CLI Partnership Manager

Bienaimé Mumbere

CLI Facilitator

Patrick Muyali

CLI Young Leader

Serge Matadi

Nestlé Congo

Heri Bitamala

CLI Facilitator


Arielle Conti

Deputy Director for Marketing
"We believe that effective leadership in action creates change because making your voice heard, even in small ways, is incredibly empowering."

Nathaniel Houghton

President & Founder
"The passion of the Congo’s youth inspires me every day. I am confident in the future of the DRC because of the amazing young people CLI works with."

Ben Goldberg

Marketing Associate
"The Congolese youth are committed and passionate members of their communities; CLI offers these youth the opportunity to harness their potential and make a tremendous change for their nation."

Garrett Miller

Deputy Director for Strategy
"The empowerment of young Congolese leaders that CLI enables is essential to creating a promising future in communities across the Congo."

Faustin N'Tala

Deputy Director for Program Evaluation
"Leadership grows with youth. Raising youth who understand the sense of common good will ensure the survival of the Congolese community. CLI's investment in and with youth will go a long way." 


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