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CLI empowers young people in the Congo by preparing them to be leaders because the ultimate solutions to Congo’s problems will come from the Congolese people. Our vision is a Congo for and by the Congolese where ethical leaders serve their community and country.

To see CLI's 990 IRS filings, feel free to find us on Guidestar here. Additionally, if you want to check out one of the lessons included in the Leadership Institute, take a look at My Community!


The Congo Leadership Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We empower young leaders in the Congo through an intensive leadership training program because we believe that talented youth can create a peaceful and prosperous future for Congo. The result of our program is a cohort of skilled leaders sparking true development across the Congo.

Want to know more about Congo? Take a quick read here or find more information below. If you're wondering what CLI's program is like, take a look at My Community, one of the lessons included in the Leadership Accelerator. For an idea of the incredible impact CLI has on young people's lives, watch this video about an amazing young leader named Joelle or this one about Esther, one of her classmates!


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The history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a tragic story of a nation that, because of bad luck, bad timing, and most importantly, bad leadership, has yet to reach its potential. Despite its copious reserves of resources, the Congo is still developing into a leading nation in the world and it remains a “failed state” to this day. Take a look here for more information on Congo.


CLI trains young leaders with an intensive leadership development curriculum called the Leadership Institute. CLI works with talented youth from all fields of study and with different ambitions, empowering them to be engines for change. The result is a cohort of skilled leaders that can spark true development and shatter the colonialism of dependency that cripples the Congo. If you’re curious about the program, just send us an email - we’re happy to share!

CLI currently works with eight partners across Congo. Check out the map above to see where they are located!


Top-Rated Nonprofit

We've seen outstanding results from our program! Young leaders are shattering learning goals and taking their leadership training into the community. One example is Joelle, who is currently part of CLI's program and has started a business to support her family! Her classmate Esther has experienced similar success. These are just two of the more than fifty projects launched by young leaders. To date, nearly 700 youth have been trained by CLI and the number grows every week!

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CLI is also proud to have been recognized as a well-governed, accountable nonprofit. In the past two years, we have been cited as a Top Rated organization on Great Nonprofits and a Gold Participant on Guidestar Exchange.


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